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Laurie Caruana is authorised by Queensland Transport as an Approved Person (certificate number MA1512) to certify modifications and alterations to light and heavy vehicles in accordance with the following codes.:

Type Code Description
Light Vehicles LH2 Roof Conversion
  LH4 Modified Wheelbase Conversion
  LH7 Body / Chassis Variants Conversion
  LK1 Seat and Seat Belt Installation / Removal
  LK6 Child Restraint Anchorage Installation
  LS2 LHD Vehicle Steering Conversion
Heavy Vehicles A2 Air Cleaner Substitution or Additional Fitment
  A4 Exhaust System Alterations
  H1 Wheelbase Extension Greater than 1st Manufacturer's Option
  H2 Wheelbase Reduction Less than 1st Manufacturer's Option
  H3 Wheelbase Extension or Reduction Within 1st Manufacturer's Option
  H4 Chassis Frame Alteration (other than change in wheelbase)
  J1 Mounting of Body - Vehicles greater than 4.5 tonne GVM
  K1 Seating Capacity Alteration and Seat Belt Alteration
  K3 Cabin Conversion
  K5 Wheelchair Restraint Installation
  K6 Child Restraint Installation
  M1 Fuel Tank Repositioning or Additional Fitting
  P1 Tow Coupling Installation - Vehicle greater than 4.5 tonne GVM
  Q1 Truck Mounted Crane Installation - 1.0 to 10 metre tonne capacity
  R1 Goods Loading Device Installation - Non slewing
  R2 Wheelchair Loader Installation
  S6 Omnibus Evaluation
  T1 Construction of Tow Trucks